Kiwi Browser is developed by Geometry OU and supported by a team of volunteers all over the world.

For contributing to software development, special thanks to:

 – Eduard Ursu (@d3ward)
and the whole team of translators (58 persons!) who help us to keep Kiwi accessible all over the world.

For website:

 – Achintya Giridhar Kini (@achintyagk,

For distribution and support:


Founder: Arnaud Granal

Arnaud came to Estonia over 10 years ago to join one of the most active startup nations.
Frustrated by the limitations and intrusiveness of existing browsers, he created a new platform where users have the freedom to make their own choice. Keeping one goal in mind, browsing should be safe, fast, and with minimal distractions, he created Kiwi.
In his free time, he enjoys reading and learning about physics and mathematical paradoxes.
Arnaud advises technology companies to help them to scale infrastructure and apply efficient engineering practices. Using this hard acquired money, he can finance the fastest-growing independent browser on Android.

During the time he started working on Kiwi, Arnaud unexpectedly met a bird – which caused him to drop and break his phone.

So I bought the cheapest Android phone that I could find. It was very, very slow. It was so slow to browse the web that I had to find a solution.

And so, Kiwi was born.